Our story

Created in 1996, the Renaissance™ Glove is inspired by the Moroccan ritual of traditional hammam baths.

Original and unique, it is present in the bathrooms of the most demanding consumers and in the most prestigious spas. Its effectiveness is recognized by health and beauty professionals.

An ancestral tradition

The Hammam is a Moroccan tradition stemming from an ancient ritual of purification. Meaning “hot spring”, this ritual involves relaxing and purifying yourself in humid baths.

This ancient custom has been proven to contribute to the body’s health and beauty while conveying a feeling of well-being and relaxation The heat detoxifies and thus perfectly prepares the skin for the cleansing treatments that follow.

Ready for new skin?

Exfoliation is one of the most essential steps in the body care ritual. Over time, a significant amount of dead skin cells build up on the surface of the skin and this buildup helps clog pores and makes the skin appear dull, tired, or uneven.

Mechanical exfoliation helps rid the skin of this layer of impurities and leaves it glowing, clear and silky.